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Love has a reason. There’s a meaning to the world—we’re giving love. --Gavin DeGraw

Hello and welcome to love_boxed. If you are here, you are probably already aware, but in the off-chance that you're not, this my little corner of the web where I come to post and share my icons (and possibly graphics, if I ever get around to doing anything other than icons). The icons are by me, Brooke (sugarsicons), and here's some helpful information before you go on your merry . . .

Rules: (the standard rules apply)
- Comment when taking.
- Credit love_boxed or sugarsicons in the icon’s keywords/comments.
- Do not hotlink.
- Do not alter the icons: textless icons are meant to be textless and are not blanks.
- Nominations: You are welcome to nominate my icons, but just let me know, yeah?

- you are welcome, encouraged even, to watch/join the community; however, I’m letting you know now, if you friend my personal journal sugarsicons, I will most likely not friend you back. (At least not until I feel that there's a reason to friend you back.) No hard feelings.

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